Northeast Oklahoma: 1985 Oklahoma Football & The '85 Kansas City Royals

The year that was 1985 sports didn’t necessarily lend itself to a neat and clean answer to the question of which sports market had the best year. You could make an argument for the city of Los Angeles—the Lakers won the 1985 NBA title and the Dodgers reached the National League Championship Series. But with a little creativity, you can find a market that double-dipped and claimed a pair of championships.

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If you go into the northeastern part of Oklahoma, the area covering Tulsa to the Missouri border you don’t find a lot in terms of sports—or anything else for that matter. Indeed, not since S.E. Hinton’s masterful book The Outsiders (published in 1965 and made into an equally masterful movie in 1983) was set in Tulsa, had this region gotten this much attention—and in this case it could be positive attention.
The sports fan in Tulsa has a natural allegiance in college to either Oklahoma University or Oklahoma State, and I think we can safely assume that it’s OU which draws overwhelming support. But where to go for pro sports? The nearest major city would be Kansas City, a 270-mile drive from Tulsa.
And in 1985 that would have been all you needed as a sports fan to watch a national football champion and a World Series winner. The last part of ’85 in particular was a fine one for people in this neck of the woods. The Royals came down the stretch and won their division coming from behind, and then went 6-0 in elimination games in the postseason. The Sooner Schooner had a fantastic defense and not only overcame an injury at quarterback, they turned it into an ending that worked out well for all concerned. Those that live in the Tulsa area of northeast Oklahoma can legitimately claim both the Royals and Sooners as their own.
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Northeast Oklahoma: 1985 Oklahoma Football & The '85 Kansas City Royals