Read About Past College Football Seasons

This page consists of blog compilations that tells the story of past college football seasons through the eyes of its best teams. The packages from 1981-85 are compilations of published articles that focus on the ten teams that reached the major bowl games, looking at their key players and season-defining moments on the way to New Year’s Day. Starting in 1986, the content is original and unique to the download.

The modern era is the focal point and 1981 has been chosen as the starting point because it’s when the era of parity began in college football. The lock that Michigan and Ohio State had on the Big Ten was broken. Upstarts like Iowa and SMU stepped up and another upstart in Clemson won the national championship.


Clemsonlogo1981: Danny Ford’s Clemson Tigers, led by quarterback Homer Jordan, made a quiet climb through the polls and were the only undefeated team by New Year’s Day. They outlasted Herschel Walker’s Georgia and Dan Marino’s Pitt, and sealed the deal by beating Nebraska in the Orange Bowl. Download from Amazon today.


PaternoStatue1982: It was a long-sought championship for Penn State head coach Joe Paterno as his Nittany Lions won a disputed game with Nebraska, survived Marino in the finale and finally shut down Walker in a national championship showdown at the Sugar Bowl. Download from Amazon today.



MiamiHurricanes1983: The Orange Bowl was supposed to be a coronation for powerful Nebraska. Instead it turned into a transformative moment for college football as then-upstart Miami pulled off an upset and won a stunning national title. The season included a less-remembered undefeated season and bowl heartbreak for Texas and the emergence of Bo Jackson at Auburn. Download from Amazon today.


BYU1984: BYU won the national championship without playing a major bowl game. Read about the improbable Cougar rise, along with the ten teams that did play on the January stage. They included Washington and Oklahoma, who hoped to make their own national case, Jimmy Johnson’s first Miami team…and a little quarterback from Boston College who delivered one of sport’s most memorable moments. Download from Amazon today.


OklahomaFootball1985: Oklahoma looked dead in the water after losing a home game to Miami and quarterback Troy Aikman to injury. The Sooners rebounded, blew out Nebraska to end the season and then finished it off with an Orange Bowl win over Penn State. Miami challenged before a Sugar Bowl loss, while Bo Jackson and Iowa quarterback Chuck Long reached major bowls while dominating the Heisman race. Download from Amazon today.


PennStateMascot1986: Penn State and Miami had amends to make. Oklahoma was looking to repeat. These three schools again dominated the landscape in the 1986 college football season, from another Miami win over OU and building up to a historic Duel In The Desert between the Nittany Lions and Hurricanes. Other moments included a Michigan quarterback named Jim Harbaugh publicly guaranteeing—and delivering—a win over Ohio State. Download from Amazon today.