Notebook Nine: 2020 MLB Preview

Tune into a fun discussion of the 2020 baseball season. Dan Flaherty, owner of TheSportsNotebook is joined by Steve Rhoads and Michael Edwards to discuss the following…


*How hot is the seat for Dodgers’ manager Dave Roberts? Should it be hot?

*Are there any viable challengers to the Dodgers in the NL West?

*How good are the Astros after their winter of discontent?

*The A’s and Angels have hopes of challenging Houston? Are those hopes realistic?

*Is there any hope for the Red Sox?

*The Cubs move into the post-Joe Maddon era. Will they arrest some of the negative momentum that has seeped in?

*The Reds and White Sox were seen as the big winners of the offseason. Are they making the playoffs?

*How do the top four teams in a very balanced NL East sort out?

*What teams benefit the most from the big rule changes that will accompany the shortened 2020 season?

And it concludes with playoff picks—albeit prior to the last-minute postseason expansion when the number of teams jumped from 10-16.

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