Morning Line Archives: May 28-June 3


It’s Memorial Day Week and TheSportsNotebook salutes the soldiers whose sacrifices made it possible for us to enjoy and appreciate our passions, like sports in a more peaceful world. And we also salute those on the homefront who make daily sacrifices in the aid of the spiritual and temporal needs of their fellow man.

In the world of sports, the NHL gets center stage starting on Wednesday when the Stanley Cup finals begin when the Los Angeles Kings visit the New Jersey Devils for Game 1. TheSportsNotebook will have a complete build-up starting Tuesday, when we first go back in recent history to look at some of the best Finals played, and then on Wednesday morning when the Kings-Devils series preview goes up. And of course we’ll rehash the games as they unfold, with Game 2 going on Saturday.

The NBA’s down to its conference finals, as San Antonio-Oklahoma City started last night and Miami-Boston begins tonight. The series previews for both Spurs-Thunder & Celtics-Heat were posted over the weekend, and we’ll have game recaps and lookaheads each night as the teams take turns playing every other night through Sunday.

Major League Baseball hits a point that some consider a traditional evaluation point in Memorial Day, and TheSportsNotebook continues its division reports, starting Monday afternoon and having one per day through Saturday. And our NASCAR report will follow the Sprint Cup contenders to Dover.

There are two special feature stories this week. Notebook contributor Isaac Huss continues his Suffering Sports City series, with a look at the travails the good people of Oakland are going through. And we delve into the NFL, as Over/Under win totals were released in Las Vegas this week, and offer some early thoughts.

Finally we come to the Historical Museum, which will add a new feature on the run enjoyed by the city of Chicago in 2005. The White Sox won the World Series, the Bears won the NFC North and Illinois basketball made the NCAA final. Look for that to appear by this coming Saturday. And please take a look at the rest of the Museum, which is stocked with similar articles on which city had the best sports run in any given year from 1976 forward.