Podcast: Major League Baseball Preview

The baseball season begins Sunday afternoon when the Pirates host the Cardinals, the beginning of an ESPN tripleheader that culminates with a Mets-Royals World Series rematch. If you’re not ready for baseball season, the podcast I did with Greg DePalma of PrimeSportsNetwork will get you there.


Greg and I went over all thirty major league teams, made our picks and discussed each team in the context of their championship odds in Las Vegas. Among the topics discussed are…

*Are the Cubs ready to embrace the role of being the top-heavy favorite to finally win the World Series? Neither one of us are on board the media bandwagon, though we differ in our degrees of pessimism about the Cubbies.

*What about the rest of the National League elite, a group that includes the Mets, Cardinals, Giants, Dodgers, Pirates and Nationals? There’s managerial changes in L.A. and Washington and personnel upgrades in San Francisco, while Pittsburgh lost some pieces. How does New York handle the role of defending NL champs and will St. Louis embrace the unusual spot of sleeper team…or are the Cardinals finally ready to decline?  Greg and I differ on this latter point.

*Toronto won the AL East last year, while financial heavyweights in Boston and New York always get media respect. But what about Baltimore as a possibility to slide underneath the radar and upend everyone?

*Kansas City has two straight AL pennants and last year’s World Series title on their resume. They have the best starting lineup in baseball. But is the starting pitching good enough to get back to another World Series?

*The AL West looks wide open. Houston is the betting favorite, Texas the defending champ, Oakland has the best GM, Los Angeles the financial powerhouse. And Seattle has the best 1-2 starting pitching punch. Greg and I drew our sharpest contrast in our approach to the AL West.

Get all the information you need to be ready to enjoy the coming baseball season in this 1 hour/20 minute podcast.