If I Had A Dime In Vegas…

The Notebook's Saturday morning series of the football games I'd bet if I were hanging out in Las Vegas goes again today. This series started the first weekend we had both college & NFL games, and it's thesis presumed I had a thousand bucks to last the football season. I've been hypothetically betting a $100 a week and after a brutal 8-15 week that bankroll is now down to $752.40. I'm almost one-fourth gone (please note that a 10 percent "juice" is charged on losing bets, explaining the odd forty cents–I'm not so hard-core that I've measured my bets down to that precise a level).

For this week I like 25 games, so it's four bucks a pop on each one below…

Ball State (+12) Western Michigan
NC State (+19) Florida State
Clemson (-3.5) Georgia Tech
Iowa (-15) Minnesota
Colorado (+31) Arizona State
Missouri (+10) Texas A&M
Iowa State (+14.5) Texas Tech
Iowa State/Texas Tech (Over 67)
Georgia (-3) Florida
San Jose State (+250) Louisiana Tech: Moneyline pick
San Jose State (+7.5) Louisiana Tech: Hedge on a 2nd bet with the points
Hawaii (-7) Idaho
Arizona/Washington (Over 70.5)
South Carolina/Tennessee (Under 44)
Oklahoma (-13.5) Kansas State
Southern Miss (-10) UTEP

Tennessee (-9) Indianapolis
Houston (-9) Jacksonville
Houston/Jacksonville (Under 40.5)
New Orleans (-13.5) St. Louis
NY Giants (-9.5) Miami
Detroit (-3) Denver
Detroit/Denver (Over 41.5)
New England (-3) Pitt
Cincinnati/Seattle (Under 37.5)