Kentucky Derby Championship Series Continues With Gotham Stakes

Gambling is enough to drive anyone crazy in even the best of circumstances, but horse race handicapping takes it to new levels. Last week at TheSportsNotebook, in previewing the Risen Star Stakes, I gave out Intense Holiday as a quality horse at a good price (8-1 on the morning line). Intense Holiday won the race and has moved to the top of the points standings in the Kentucky Derby Championship Series.

So what’s the problem? The problem is that I merely opined that Intense Holiday was a good pick, I did not actually wager on it. Whereas just days earlier I had been vacationing in Tucson, and went to the racetrack with relatives. I bet on six races. My horse came in last four times and second-to-last two others. At no point in an entire day at the track, did my heart ever rise in anticipation as the horses made the final turn.

Yeah, it was only two bucks a race lost, but still—how is it that you can hit a winner when you just casually mention it on a website, but if you really put money down, everything dries up?  I dunno.

The Kentucky Derby Championship Series resumes Saturday with the Gotham Stakes at Aqeuduct in New York. It’s a pretty tame race, with no one ranking high in the qualifying standings, at least not yet.

Samraat is currently 16th, and is a co-favorite with Noble Concession at 5-2. Uncle Sigh is a 3-1 shot, and currently ranking 30th in the qualifying battle for Churchill Downs. Post time is approximately 4:20 PM ET, and if your cable/satellite package gets HR-TV, I’m sure the race will be on.

I don’t have a pick on this one. I like to find a combination of a good trainer and jockey and then see if you can find something at 6-1 or better, but it’s not out there for me in the Gotham.