Daily Sports: Tigers-Red Sox Highlights Tuesday

The Detroit Tigers and Boston Red Sox each have some cushion in their respective division races, but the early part of this week presents an opportunity for some challenger, be it Cleveland or Tampa Bay, because the Tigers and Sox are going head-to-head. And the second game of their three-game set from Fenway Park is the highlight of Tuesday’s daily sports docket (7 PM ET, MLB).

After the Labor Day weekend extravaganza of college football, we have a couple days to catch our breath, before football really gets rolling. Thursday is the NFL opener, when the Baltimore Ravens meet the Denver Broncos.

 If you’re a Ravens fan and want to soak in the magic of 2012 one more time, go to the NFL Network at 4 PM ET. There is one hour of looking back, the first half-hour being about the season itself, and the latter thirty minutes specifically about their Super Bowl win over the San Francisco 49ers.

ESPN will be at the U.S. Open for some prime-time tennis coverage starting at 7 PM ET, with Serena Williams on stage. And if it’s a good feature story you’re after, you can either go to the NFL Network at 9 PM ET to learn about the life and times of LaDanian Tomlinson, or NBA-TV at 8:30 PM ET for a look at the career of Gary Payton.

Here at TheSportsNotebook, it’s college football that we’re going to talk about today. Now that all of the Week 1 games are in the books, we’ll sort out the implications of it all. Yesterday, we updated the MLB playoff races, and over the course of the weekend the task of completing all 32 NFL previews, with an additional post on the general landscape of each division race, was finally finished.