Daily Sports: All-Day Baseball For The Fourth Of July

The Fourth of July means baseball, and the MLB Network is set to oblige with a tripleheader of action that mark daily sports on this holiday Thursday.

You can start up early, at 11 AM ET with the Milwaukee Brewers and Washington Nationals. And here I thought the January 1 Outback Bowl was the only sporting event to start that early—10 AM here in Wisconsin where the locals will be interested. The early starts also include Wimbledon, which starts on ESPN at 8 AM ET and runs until 1 PM.

Mid-afternoon is marked by Baltimore, and I don’t just mean in baseball. You can find the Orioles-White Sox on MLB Network at 2 PM ET, a rematch of a well-played 1983 American League Championship Series. And if you want to celebrate Baltimore’s football heritage, the NFL Network airs a one-hour tribute to the 1970 Baltimore Colts. Of course the city’s love doesn’t extend to the Indianapolis Colts, although the NFL Network’s coverage does, with Peyton Manning’s 2006 title run being the topic at 3 PM ET.

MLB Network’s prime-time game is Seattle-Texas at 8 PM ET, and if it’s football you want, I hope you like the Steelers—or at least like learning about them. Starting at 4 PM ET, there’s a series of one-hour shows on NFL Network on all six Super Bowl champions from the Steel City, interrupted only between 7-8 PM when league news runs. From the Steel Curtain of the 1970s, to Jerome Bettis and 2005, to Big Ben’s epic drive in Tampa for the 2008 Pittsburgh Steelers, you can watch the highlights of the franchise with more Super Bowl titles than any other.

Here at TheSportsNotebook, we’ll have MLB coverage focusing on the NL Central coming up in a little bit. Speaking of the NL Central and the city of Pittsburgh, we ran a feature on the Pirates this past Sunday.