AFC & NFC East Division Previews

The Notebook's NFL division previews hit the East today in both the AFC & NFC. Scroll down the blog for previous reports on the South & West divisions in each conference. The North's day is still to come.


The Notebook’s division previews roll on with the NFC East, where the Eagles were the big winner of free agency…

Philadelphia (11-5): I’m not nearly as sold on this team as the rest of the media seems to be, but they are the best in the East.

Dallas (10-6): Demarcus Ware means as much to his team as almost any quarterback and makes a lot possible for the Dallas defense. Combined with a healthy Romo, the Cowboys are back in the mix.

NY Giants (8-8): Just getting too long in the tooth. It’s the end of an era as Tom Coughlin bows out, rebuilding begins and Eli Manning faces renewed scrutiny.

Washington (6-10): My own favorite team, and I’m doing my usual preseason routine of talking myself into thinking we’re going to win the NFC East. But I can’t come up with any reason that would satisfy an objective observer, so this is post is a reality check.


Tbe AFC East has a case to be the NFL’s toughest division and it’s got perhaps the hottest rivalry.

New England (12-4): The lack of big-time playmakers outside of Tom Brady concerns me, but that’s a big exception there at quarterback and along with the man in the hoodie they churn out another AFC East crown.

NY Jets (11-5): I’m not a huge Mark Sanchez fan, but he does continue to mature with a better receivers’ corps and gives this defense enough help to challenge one more time.

Miami (7-9): Forget the quarterback problem. It’s real, but bigger problems are found on both lines.

Buffalo (3-13): I know they’ll try hard, but to apply the words of ESPN baseball analyst Orel Hershiser to the NFL, “this isn’t a ‘try hard’ league. It’s a ‘do good’ league.” And Buffalo doesn’t have nearly enough players who do good.

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AFC & NFC East Division Previews

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AFC & NFC East Division Previews


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AFC & NFC East Division Previews

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