The New York Sports Aristocracy: 1990 New York Giants & Plenty Of Support

We have to focus on a specific segment of the New York fan base…The Giants won the Super Bowl which is the main claim to fame, so it has to be someone from the New York Fan Aristocracy—one who pulls for the Yanks, Giants and Rangers, as opposed to the Underdog New York Fan who opts for the Mets, Jets and Islanders. At this point, the Aristocracy also saw the Rangers win their division and advance to the second round of the playoffs. The whole city united around the Knicks which had a nice season and won a playoff series. But we have to get more specific yet. Let’s move to the part of the city which spills into the Connecticut suburbs, as UConn basketball had its first good team of the Jim Calhoun era and reached a regional final. And let’s narrow it down even further. Notre Dame has a huge fan base in New York City, given its ethnic Catholic population. The Irish won the Sugar Bowl. So if you’re a member of the Aristocracy, live in or close to Connecticut and are one of the city’s Notre Dame backers it was, as Frank Sinatra might put it, “A Very Good Year.”