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Milwaukee 6-Pack: The Brewers Of 1978-83



I grew up in southeastern Wisconsin in the late 1970s and 1980s. The Milwaukee Brewers haven’t had a lot of great moments in their relatively short history, coming to the city in 1970. But the six years from 1978-83 were great ones for baseball in Milwaukee.

The Brewers produced an potent offense that drew nationwide attention, with nicknames ranging from “Bambi’s Bombers” (after manager George Bamberger) to “Harvey’s Wallbangers (after another manager in Harvey Kuenn). They produced MVPs and Cy Young award winners. Future Hall of Fame players populated their lineup. They made the playoffs twice, the Word Series in 1982 and played some of the most epic games baseball has ever seen in the process.

In short, they were a lot of fun. And in the Milwaukee Six-Pack download, I’ve tried to convey some of that sense of fun, from the surprise breakout year of 1978 to the struggles to find pitching, to the monster trade with St. Louis prior to the 1981 season. To an October of 1982 that was filled with both thrills and heartbreak, to the fade of September 1983 that marked the end of an era.

DOWNLOAD MILWAUKEE SIX-PACK FOR FREE is chock full of articles on individual team seasons in all sports. There is an article up for each one of the six seasons in the Milwaukee Six-Pack. This download brings those articles together, edited for redundancy and then compiled to create a narrative of the entire era. 

The Milwaukee Brewers of 1978-83 were–and remain–a beloved team to an entire region. I hope these articles can do them a little bit of justice.