If I Had A Dime In Vegas…

I had a pretty good showing last weekend in my weekly series on what I would do if I had a thousand bucks in Las Vegas to last the football season. Even though I lost both my moneyline “bets” (in quotes because this is all hypothetical) on Stanford and Auburn, I went 9-4 elsewhere and turned a profit of nine dollars and change, an amount that would undoubtedly dazzle any pit boss at the Bellagio if I rolled it into the blackjack tables.  My bankroll is still at $751.85, having hovered at the amount after a rough start. While I’ve stabilized since then, with mostly small profits and a bad week mixed in, the ultimate goal is to up the ante once the bowls and playoffs start and go for broke. So we stay conservative this week, with $5 apiece on each game…

Tulsa (-14) UTEP
LSU (-30.5) Ole Miss
Boise State (-18.5) San Diego State

Baltimore (-7) Cincinnati

Indiana (+28) Michigan State
Louisville (+1) UConn
Virginia (+17) Florida State
La Tech (+7) Nevada
Rutgers (+3) Cincinnati
Penn State (+6.5) Ohio State
Tennessee (+1.5) Vanderbilt
Eastern Michigan (+3) Kent State
Colorado (+11) UCLA

San Diego (+3.5) Chicago

Indiana/Michigan State (Over 53.5)
Nebraska/Michigan (Over 50.5)
Penn State/Ohio State (Under 37.5)

Carolina/Detroit (Over 47.5)

Kansas over Texas A&M: Bet $5 to win $2,125