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How To Make Fundraisers For Sports Teams More Fun

You’ve taken on the task of raising money for your local youth organization or high school team. You remind yourself that’s a good cause for the kids as you summon the energy to ask fellow parents for the money to buy the jerseys and run the league. And in spite of knowing how good a cause it is, you feel a little sick inside every time you do the equivalent of sticking your hand out to ask for the cash.  Wouldn’t it be nice if there were some way to make fundraisers for sports teams…well, a little more fun?


The book, Great 1980s Sports Moments, is written to appeal to people in your target audience—the parents of the players and those parents’ immediate social circles. We can offer you a bulk purchase discount that will enable you to sell the book at list price, while still turning a substantial profit.


Now, as a part of your fundraising arsenal, you’ve got a stack of entertaining books sitting at the concession stand during the games. With each hot dog, candy or soda order, you point out the book to your customer. Maybe dad got his son or daughter there an hour early for warmups and is looking for something to keep himself entertained until gametime. Maybe mom is a sports-lover herself—or at least knows the husband or boyfriend will love the book. 

That’s how easily Great 1980s Sports Moments can integrate into your fundraising program. You’ll augment your cash flow without breaking a sweat—and you can feel excited about offering people a product they’re sure to enjoy. 

Great 1980s Sports Moments costs $15 to buy individually on Amazon. You can not only offer it at the same price, but also save your donor shipping costs. You’re not only raising money, you’re saving them a few dollars as well.


Our bulk discount order costs are below, along with the projected revenue you will be positioned to raise:

QuantityCostGross Revenue
($15 per Book)
Profit Margin
25$212.75 $37543.2%
50$417.50 $75044.3%
75$624.75 $112544.4%


The minimum order is 25, ideal for smaller organizations. But you can see the profit margin on each book gradually goes up with the size of your order.

Shipping takes two weeks (expedited shipping is available, but that reduces your profit margin), so get in touch with us right away to talk details and finalize your order. We’ll arrange for the books to be shipped to your doorstep and then you just bring them to the next game or association meeting.

Contact us today using this form below.

Let us know whether you prefer to be contacted by phone or e-mail and we’ll get back with you immediately to finalize arrangements. We accept credit card payments via PayPal.

You’re already going the extra mile in raising money for your youth sports organization. It’s time someone made it easy for people to tell you “Yes.”