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Read About Great 1980s Sports Moments: March Madness Memories & More

March Madness is back again and nothing enhances enjoyment of the present like a proper appreciation of the past. Great 1980s Sports Moments, a work of 1980s nostalgia by one who grew up amidst it, takes a look at the entire decade in sports—one that saw an exceptional amount of drama produced in the NCAA Tournament. You’ll look back on the following…

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*The stunning Cinderella national championships of N.C. State & Villanova in 1983 and 1985. The victories of the Wolfpack and Wildcats were not only great moments in their own right, but they completed an evolution that built over a ten-year period starting in 1976—where the NCAA Tournament became March Madness. Great 1980s Sports Moments not only recaps these moments, but shows how they fit into this cultural evolution.

*The Battles of New Orleans—NCAA title games of 1982 and 1987 in the Superdome. Both were won by legendary head coaches and both were won by jump shots from nearly the same spot on the floor.

*The greatness of Danny Manning and how he put on perhaps the greatest six-game display of dominance the NCAA Tournament has ever seen in carrying Kansas to a national championship.

*The excellence of Louisville head coach Denny Crum in the early part of the decade, the arrival of Duke’s Mike Krzyzewski in the latter part and when their paths converged for another great national championship game.

*The single greatest regional—the rounds of the Sweet 16 & Elite Eight—ever played came during the 1980s. Find out what it was and why it was so historic.

Great 1980s Sports Moments is the perfect book to have at your March Madness parties to play trivia with. It’s the perfect book to sit quietly with and stir up the memories. And if you listen to audiobooks, it’s perfect for your morning commute. You’ll be in the spirit of the Madness when it’s time to sit down and watch the games and the new memories that will be created in 2018.

Nor are the memories limited to March Madness. The reader that’s passionate about sports will look back on more great moments like these…

*The epic Miracle On Ice, the improbable run of the 1980 U.S. Olympic hockey team to the gold medal and how it impacted a nation.

*The NBA’s greatest individual rivalry, Larry Bird vs. Magic Johnson. Bird and Magic are intertwined with this entire decade and this book captures all of their greatest moments on the NBA’s biggest stage.

*Speaking of great individual rivalries—how about Martina Navratilova vs. Christ Evert and the showdowns that made fresh memories through the decade. On the men’s side, you’ll see the biggest matches of John McEnroe, Mats Wilander, Boris Becker and more.

*How the NFL decade began with Joe Montana leading a historic drive that upended the balance of the power in pro football. And how the decade ended with Montana leading another historic drive that sealed the San Francisco 49ers Dynasty and his own place in history.

*Some of the greatest pennant races in the history of baseball, a one-game showdown that is a forgotten historical treasure and a series of memorable Octobers, especially in the middle of the decade.

*The greatest college football games of the decade, with a special look at the games that turned a small private college in Miami into a national brand known simply as “The U”.

*Historic moments in horse racing, including one race that an ABC icon called the best he had ever seen.

*Greatness in pro hockey, from the moment when the New York Islanders saved their dynasty to the excellence of Wayne Gretzky.

*Thrilling moments at golf’s most storied events, from the Masters to the British Open. This includes one last hurrah for Jack Nicklaus, Tom Watson’s biggest moments and the continued heartbreak of Greg Norman.

Great 1980s Sports Moments is a sweeping look at an entire decade, both comprehensive and concise, that is a must-have for the library of any serious reader of books about sports.